– An Aggregate For News In The East

  • August 26, 2012

The website is a resource that presents all the latest news. Although much of the news is about culture in India and certain parts of the Middle East, there is a wealth of articles about other topics that span the globe. On there is certainly a focus on the Middle East and certain parts of Asia, but the site should not be pigeonholed as an exclusive aggregate for only these types of stories, as the resource does a nice job of presenting other topics that are pertinent from all parts of the world. Users are able to sift through many headlines that vary from sports to politics. The site is very comprehensive and offers the latest horoscopes and show times for television programs.

All of the news on the site is reliable and the information is not limited to text. There are plenty of videos on There are also movies that can be viewed on a variety of different topics. Overall, this is an impressive resource aimed to keeping its patrons informed on all world matters as well as entertainment matters. Regular visitors to the resource will be able to come back multiple times a day as the website is constantly being updated when news becomes available. The website is an active aggregate, and it is constantly providing its users with a torrent of information that does not stop. If you are an active reader or enjoy watching video about current events, this is the site for you and your news appetite.

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