– A Full Service County Website

  • August 26, 2012

Folks who live in Anderson County, South Carolina, have a good place to raise families and enjoy life. Their experience is even better thanks to the efforts of – the website of the local government. Residents are surrounded by natural beauty, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean – all maintained and improved by the hardworking county staff.

Visitors to can tap into a number of resources. All of the departments are represented here, including Administration, Central Services, Emergency Services and Parks and Recreation. By selecting any department link, residents and guests of andersoncountysc can get in touch with relevant contacts, see maps and other useful information, and make requests or register complaints. Key officials have their offices listed on the site, such as the County Council, where you can read agendas and meeting minutes, and the Administrator, who takes the directives of the council and turns them into reality.

People don’t often think about all the varied services a county provides. Anderson County residents can use to look at upcoming events on the calendar, search for jobs, pay their taxes and read public notices. They can connect with the Sheriff’s office or the local library, learn about foreclosure sales and read public notices of interest to all. In case of trouble, offers a free emergency text message system, allowing county officials to alert cell phone and smartphone users of weather or other natural disasters quickly and easily. It’s just one of the many services you’ll find in andersoncountysc.

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