– Mobilize Your Blog in Minutes

Andanza.comYour blog is losing potential if it’s not mobilized. Think of the millions who won’t be able to enjoy your delightful and smarmy insults and insights while they are on the go.

To solve this little problem there’s Andanza. It doesn’t take any real effort on your part, and your blog will be completely mobile within a matter of minutes. To get your blog off its haunches all you’ll have to do is follow three easy steps: first, type in the UR of your blog, next personalize the graphical interface, thirdly and lastly, validate the url. From there your blog will be up and running on hand held devices everywhere. In Their Own Words

“Andanza is an easy, quick and totally free service. Just follow the instructions and in a few minutes you´ll be able to see your blog from any mobile device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Andanza makes your blog take off in minutes. It’s a really simple app and anyone can use it. Great way to expand a blog’s readership. Clear and straightforward interface.

Some Questions About

What devices does this work with? Are there more advanced tools or plug-ins to improve the functioning and look of a mobile blog? Will this remain free?