– The Beautiful Treasure of Southern Spain is a web site full of resources for finding information on the southern Spain region called Andalusia. You will notice upon entering the URL you will be redirected to which will show a different variant of this Spanish region’s spelling in the URL itself and throughout the website. Whether you are looking for a restaurant guide or historical destinations, this web site will provide you with what you are looking for. The website receives over 450,000 monthly visitors and is the most visited web address for Andalusia. Made up of eight provinces, this southern region in Spain stretches from the east to west of the country. Popular tourism destinations listed on the site include Estepona, Marbella, and Granada. Marbella features a luxurious resort town that is favored by the rich and famous along with ordinary people as well. On the coast side of Marbella you will find very classy bars and restaurants, without the overwhelming tourist traps of glass bottom boat trips and imported shells.

On the blog page you will find information and reviews on Andalusian chefs, tourist experiences, and some history on the eight provinces of Spain. Staffed with a wide variety of employees with many different interests and backgrounds, is dedicated to presenting a website filled with up-to-date information to visitors. Founded in 1996, this website has set a big trend in the southern region of Spain. Because of the large amount of web traffic each month and the fact that the website is in English, it is a great opportunity for businesses to advertise and promote themselves. As the home of bullfighting and flamenco, this beautiful region is one that is not to be missed. is a great place to learn more about visiting this area of Spain.

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