– The Government of Andalusia

Andalusia is known world-wide as one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. is the website of the government of this region, offering a wide range of services and information to both residents and visitors.

The site launches in Spanish but can be translated to English. It features a number of different areas depending on the visitor’s interest and needs. One may study the structure of the area’s government, including a welcome message from the President of Andalusia and an overview of Parliament and the various government offices. The Topics section of is a one-stop area for students and residents, containing much data about the area including climate and health, how to register an automobile and get a drivers license, and information about buying, selling or renting a home.

Business people interested in starting a new enterprise can consult for the requirements involved, including permits, locations and recruitment. Those who are just visiting will find a large section on culture and leisure activities on andaluciajunta, with discussions on the history and heritage of the area, cultural activities, and a list of material for further reading.

A special section of andaluciajunta is BOJA – the Official Gazette of Andalusia. This electronic publication details laws, regulations and notices published by the government of Andalusia, similar to the Congressional Record in the US. The most recent as well as archived versions of BOJA can be found on and can be very helpful for those seeking more information as either a resident or visitor to this colorful, historic area.

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