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When looking for geographic solutions there is nowhere else to go but to the Netherlands and India based Automotive Navigation Data has been in business since 1984 and offers a database that connects over 200 countries. Offering navigation maps, digital maps, and solutions to consumers and businesses, they are a one stop website when in need of mapping information.


Automotive Navigation Data’s detailed road maps collect data that include the boundaries of bodies of water for points of reference or just when looking for that perfect place to travel to. They provide you up-to-date information for your trip when you travel to areas such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.’s digital map goes above and beyond allowing for route planning and letting you know which postal code you have entered.

A unique product from is the address validation. With an unequalled system, a person’s address can be corrected and verified. The company can verify street names, cities, and even P.O. Box information in about 90 different countries..

Businesses turn to Automotive Navigation Data for the best in what is referred to as geointelligence. Geointelligence is location awareness and in a quickly growing world of information, changes, and constant construction, offers companies looking for information the most up-to-date mapping. Quality is key and they are sure to deliver that quality. is always offering something new that is coming from their labs and they aren’t shy about what they are working on. An update is always given about the most modern of solutions given and what they can do to keep consumers and companies at ease when it comes to travel. The people of are always there and ready to work for you.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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