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Trading has always been an essential part of mankind’s interaction with one another. Whether it was a bartering system, where an individual would trade one good or service that he owned for another good or service that his neighbor owned, or whether it was exchanging something of value like gold or silver for a service, mankind’s survival has been dependent on these interactions. The website is a portal that allows individuals to look back in time and see how ancient civilizations use different types of currency in order to go about their marketing activities.


When you visit you are immediately greeted with a wide array of coinage from the premodern world. At the bottom of the page you will see that there is a link, and basically this link is going to direct you to another site author by the same individual which will give you a detailed explanation of the coins that you see on

On the second page you are able to get a better grasp of the value that these silver, and gold pieces of money had in the civilizations where they were used. At the same time you can see the value that they have today. In fact individuals can choose to purchase certain pieces of money from this site. However be prepared to pay a pretty penny, pun intended, for these coins. If you were interested in buying a Ionia, Phokaia, Bodenstedt 1 piece you would be looking at paying somewhere around $2000.

The web page and its sister web page does a good job of preserving the history of money throughout ancient history. It is a beautiful site for individuals looking at purchasing a piece of the past, or just learning a little bit more about how things were.

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