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For news in Alaska, provides updates on recent events and trending stories that will interest everyone. The site is dedicated to serving the population of the general Anchorage area, and also serves nearby towns such as the Mat-Su Valley and Kenai. For these areas, the news site delivers a huge variety of stories everyday including reports on local crime, politics and business developments. For rural Alaskans, issues important warnings such as bear alerts and weather updates that can keep their families and homes safe. Through its upcoming events news feed, also links its readers to articles on city wide events and festivals to participate in throughout the year. The online newspaper is also committed to linking its readers to national stories, and keeping Anchorage up to date with world wide events and other developments.


The newspaper also contributes special interest articles in a variety of different sections, so that any reader with a niche interest will find fascinating news stories somewhere on the site. The website features an extensive sports section that is replete with stories on local and college Alaskan sports teams, as well as stories on national sporting events. A finance section showcases articles on how Alaskans can best manage their money and deal with local economic and tax issues. For example, there are several articles on local commercial fishing near Anchorage and what to expect about different upcoming fishing regulation changes. Finally, subscribers can also find a vast array of opinion pieces and editorials written by Alaskans on topics that will interest local readers.

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Author : Bill Webb

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