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For as long as mankind has existed on this planet, he has constantly asked himself the same question. Where am I from? This concept is so basic, that even children usually ask their parents this question. Humans have an innate desire to understand why they are on the planet Earth, and what events, and individuals in their past led up to them being who they are, and where they are. The website is designed to help individuals who are looking for answers about their past, and the history of their ancestors.


This site, uses a wide variety of resources to help people get a clearer view of how their parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents lived and who they were. For example Ancestry takes advantage of certain things like US census records, military records, to help build a history that an individual can use to track what their ancestors did and why they may have made some of the decisions that they made..

One of the interesting things about is that it not only takes advantage of public documents to help track the movements of family members who lived before us, no it also makes good use of things like vital and church records and directories. Sometimes it is documents like these, or documents like passengers lists that really help a person who is searching through the history of his relatives find out how they truly live.

Now something that we need to point out is that is different than the website This website is designed to be a resource that is used for individuals working at a library who want to research their family history. Information can be found at the site on how to create a user ID and to make the most out of this program.

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Author : Liam Gray

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