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Armenian immigrants have a long and proud history in the United States. is the website of the Armenian National Committee of America, a grassroots political organization that is designed to represent the interests of both Armenians who live in America and their native country. They are the largest such organization of these people in the US, and they actively pursue a legislative agenda in support of their goals.

At the center of is a collection of current action alerts and news items of interest to Armenians. The site urges visitors to make their opinions known to their legislators on topics including foreign aid, laws against genocide and relations with Turkey. As a former Soviet republic, Armenia is located in a sensitive position, poised at the junction between Asia and Europe, and the mission of Anca is to ensure that the voices of those in the area are heard and their concerns acted upon. contains a legislative center with details on current and pending legislation in the US Congress that affects Armenia and Armenians. It has a Congressional score card that shows how responsive various senators and representatives are to their concerns, and also has a broad-based resource center with reference materials, position papers and links of interest. contains considerable information aimed at students as well as media and the general public. It urges visitors to vote, stay in touch with their legislators, and make donations to support the work of the National Committee, and the operation of

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