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Anyone with even basic curiosity about the parts of the human body will find something to fascinate them on is just one in a network of sites that provide valuable information on a wide range of topics designed in an easy-to-understand way that is well suited for students.


Visitors to Anatomy can view a complete human skeleton with the major bone structures indicated. Those seeking further detail have access to pages on the hand and wrist, the foot, the skull and the thorax. All of these pages display a large image of the area in question, with all the bones and structures neatly labeled.

Other pages are linked on Anatomy that allow for students of the body to further explore various parts and systems. This is an excellent resource for those working on term papers, medical students, and anyone who would like to see why the knee bends the way it does, or the extent of the nervous system. The links go to, which is the website of the Center for Holistic Instruction. Each page contains an informative essay on each particular structure, along with some line drawings of both muscles and bones which give a good overview of how everything is connected and works together.

Once the viewer has scanned and mastered the information, provides a link to an anatomy quiz designed to test knowledge. This website is an effective provider of substantial information on an important topic, and is worth a visit or two, particularly for students in the middle school and high school years.

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