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Anafore.comAnafore provides online sellers with a truly effective referral marketing platform. Essentially, those who use Anafore will be able to leverage their every actual customer, and make new connections through him.

This is achieved in the following way. Suppose you have a store. Whenever somebody shops there, you will send the transaction details to Anafore. The company will take care of contacting that customer individually, asking him to refer your store to his friends. Each one of his friends that buys anything at your store because he recommended it to him is making the purchase at a discounted price, and the original customer (IE, the one who referred him to your shop) is actually getting a referral bonus.

The idea is these friends who have been directed to your store will in turn refer their own friends, and so on.

This approach can certainly be likened to a never-ending cycle, in which each new referral leads to plenty more. And if you decide to try this system out, note that you will be provided with a full dashboard letting you keep a good watch on every purchase that has been made, and the subsequent ones that such a purchase has given room to. In Their Own Words

Increase Sales with Referral Marketing.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you turn your every customer into a true point of reference from which plenty more can be found.

Some Questions About

What if people find these emails annoying? Is the company really entitled to send them out?