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An App That’s Way Better Than Any Tour Guide

Today’s Killer Startup: Urban Walks



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Elevator Pitch:

Urban Walks is an app that provides fully interactive, beautiful, custom-made walking tours of New York City at your fingertips.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Because I love and miss New York City. The end.


Just kidding! (Not entirely but let’s be a little more descriptive, shall we?)


I’m loving Urban Walks first and foremost because their website is awesome. Yeah, I know, it’s an app and that’s more important but seriously, guys, can we talk about this site? It’s so cute without being twee, hand drawn, and things move around in a way that adds rather than detracts from the experience.


Good job, Urban Walks! Can you hook me up with your UX/UI designer, please?


But let’s get back to New York City. Undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world for walking, New York streets never let you down. However, one thing that every current and former New Yorker knows is that there’s a tendency to walk the same paths over and over again. Urban Walks, then is a great way to discover new and hidden places whether you’re a NYC native or you’ve just rolled into town.


And speaking of “just rolled into town,” I remember all too clearly my heartache at 19 when I first moved to the City. I was living in Hell’s Kitchen, which was already super uncool for a newly emancipated teen, and just knew that there were all these awesome clubs/bars/museums/art spaces that I just hadn’t lived in New York long enough to know about yet. I would have killed for something like this that not only gives you a guided excuse for wandering but also drops all kinds of local knowledge on your newbie New York head.


My only complaint is that the current tours they offer aren’t in areas that I would personally want to explore too much. However, the (again, excellent) website assures me that they’re working on more hand drawn tours to come, so hopefully that also means tours for people who aren’t tourists.



You’ve never seen #NYC like this before. Promise. @urban_walk


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Author : Emma McGowan

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