KillerStartups – American Water Works Communicates With Customers

The AmWater American Water Works Company, a water utility service business, talks about providing maintenance and services for water systems throughout the United States of America and it is sharing its goals at They act as a government regulated utility, providing fresh liquid and waste liquid treatment. Recognizing that they are charged with serving two client types the individual and the local municipalities, they put an emphasis on customer care. This caring is demonstrated in not only the day to day function of supplying a continuous and safe supply of fluid for drinking, bathing, and other household uses, but also by the open information and communications that they provide to their clients at online.

Being an investor owned company, they have a responsibility to their share holders to be consistent and open in their business dealings. Part of this responsibility they they carry out, includes having basic fluid educational materials on This practice benefits not only the direct water consumer but also the company itself. Ideas that are additionally taught besides the basic water facts and information about water utilities in general, there is a discussion here about the company’s support of midwestern biofuel processors and their liquid needs support system. The company goes on to tell of its use of other green practices such as the solar energy generation station on the Somerset New Jersey plant, The Canal Road Treatment facility. AmWater also discusses the other environmentally sound activities such as pollution prevention, recycling, and how customers can save energy consumption by avoiding drinking bottled fluids and instead drinking from the tap.

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