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AmpliFeeder.comYou know how it goes. You sign up for one social network.

You sign up for another. And before you know you are part of ten different social sites and pieces of your personality have wound up scattered all over the web. This solution is there to attempt and redress such a situation. We can define it as a service that anybody can use for coming up with an aggregated himself on the web. How is that accomplished? Easy. It pulls any person’s online activity in the same space for all to get to grips with. This includes pictures that are uploaded to social sites, blog post that the individual pens, and every tweet that he has posted.

It is easy to appreciate a service such as this one. The one issue with social sites is that there are so many of them that no serious web socialite will be satisfied with just one. That is because many play out complementary roles. Facebook alone does not do the trick. Neither does Twitter on its own. And Flickr by itself does not cover every angle. That is why people sign up for so many services, and that is why this new solution has a real chance of drawing some attention to itself. You can get started by downloading it at the provided address. And note that it is an open source project, too. If you deem yourself as a bit of a programmer you will maximize it for sure. In Their Own Words

“You are no longer defined by your activity on just one site or social network. Every photograph you upload, every page you bookmark, every blog post you make, every tweet you twitter helps to define you just a little bit more. AmpliFeeder pulls all your activity into one place to define a new aggregated you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings a true sense of unity to the social web as a whole.

Some Questions About

Is this service provided at a fixed cost, or is it wholly free? If that is so, will it always be free?