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I remember feeling so excited to play tennis for the first time on clay. I’d always wanted to test the surface out. I’m more of what you’d call a sports enthusiast than athlete – the red courts always looked so inviting to me, and I knew that they’re gentler on the knees than other tennis courts. Plus, my in-laws have many good players in the family…


Little did I know that you need different shoes to play on clay. So, I had to add new sneakers onto my shopping list before stepping up to the service line – along with a new racket, a proper shirt, water bottle… Which, of course, I couldn’t find all in one location. As you might imagine, my desire to play on clay was all but crushed before my scheduled court time.


Knowing about AmpleFind could have saved me a lot of grief. AmpleFind is a shopping platform for sporting goods. They curate items from leading stores, so that you can buy all of your sporting goods from one place – without ever setting foot in a store! Have your camping gear, baseball equipment, yoga clothes and more, all delivered to your doorstep in three to four business days.


amplefind landing


Game on!


In their own words, AmpleFind has “put together 4+ million products from the best retailers (such as Zappos, Jet, Sports Authority, DICKS Sporting goods and many others) only.”


Don’t let the number of items fool you into thinking that the site is a time killer though. It’s super easy to search the website by category (Exercise & Fitness, Team Sports, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Winter Sports, Water Sports, Camping & Hiking, etc.). It may be a huge online collection of sporting goods, but it’s so much faster to browse AmpleFind’s store than to sail the aisles of multiple brick-and mortar-stores, which you also have to drive to beforehand.


Plus, AmpleFind spares shoppers the hassles of those three tedious words: out of stock. By shopping their selection, you tap into goods from all over, so there’s no having your hopes dashed because an item isn’t on the shelves at your nearest store.


Not to knock any of the big name stores mentioned earlier. It’s just that chances are, if you have many athletic/sporting interests, you’re going to have a hard time finding everything you need at one store. One place doesn’t have, say, a fishing section. Another has team sports covered, but zilch in the weightlifting department.


You can take all of the guesswork out of figuring where to do your shopping by visiting AmpleFind. Run, jump, swim, stretch – you name it, AmpleFind has whatever you need to keep your blood pumping.


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