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Amiglia has a very visually stimulating tree design that has each member’s photo and title, such as daughters, husband, etc… You can click on the photo to see more photos of the family members along with the family member’s profile. You can even connect your family tree to your blog. One of the great things about your family tree is that each member has a profile so you can see what they are doing as well as additional photos. You can share stories family secret recipes, diaries, anything you want with your family. You can also tag other family members in your photos so that you can see photos of yourself in other family members’ profiles. Amiglia also connects you to facebook so you can chat with your family members. You can call your family members with Skype as well. Amiglia provides many ways for you to stay in touch with your family. Amiglia also provides a family calendar so you can make sure that everyone remembers Grandma’s birthday. You can add photos to events as well so that members who couldn’t attend an event can see how it went. If you are a world traveler or you have family members spread across the world you can you’re the map feature which allows users to mark on a Google map where they have been along with placing photo albums of their travels. You can even make slideshows for family members to view. Amiglia has even more features that help unite families so make your family tree and share your live with the people that mean the most, family. In Their Own Words

“Amiglia is built by a family for families. Amiglia was founded by wife and husband Paul and Milena, and has been funded and developed with father Tim Berry.

Amiglia evolved out of a family photo site started by Tim and later perfected by Paul, which became a focal point for all the Berrys’ family pictures and memories. Paul has 4 sisters and the brothers-in-law – not sharing the Berry name, did not upload photos on the Berry site.

Over time, with 2 of the sisters daughters married into different family names and grandchildren born, we realized we need a better way to share the newest photos with each other, as well as to unravel the oldest photos of common ancestors.

That’s when we realized the collaborative potential of related, yet different photo albums.
Paul and Milena both sides of the families were the first to start using the site avidly, and it has spread through their families and beyond. Now we’re able to offer it in beta to anyone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The testimonials from well known companies such as and Yahoo tech, is a great way to gain users’ confidence. Amiglia definitely has more features for a family tree site than any other family network I have seen. It is great that users can be connected to their social networks and Skype through Amiglia. Amiglia also has a very visually stimulating but clean interface. The family tree structure is simple but just by clicking on a photo you can get much more information and features. The calendar is a great feature because getting family members together can be a huge task.

Some Questions About

Amiglia may have too many features and be a bit overwhelming for grandma and grandpa. There are other sites that include family timelines and more historic features, Amiglia may want to incorporate more f these types of features.

Author : Charly Zaks

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