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Ameririch.comAmeririch is a digg-ish site for the financial and business news set. Need to stop spending cash? Get a home loan? Maybe pay off those pesky student debts? Ameririch is the resource for you.

It offers a comprehensive compilation of all the financial news you can think of—investments, loans, business, capital. There’s even an option for viewing videos. Entertain yourself with self-declared financial gurus like Zapata George, the one-eyed financial advisor who’s got a thing for Canada and oil. But you don’t have to let Georgie do all the talking. You can contribute too. Sign up and contribute any articles you find interesting. Like Digg, you can vote for your favorite articles and videos. Who knows, along the way you may strike it rich. In Their Own Words

“Ameririch was born in Dec 2006 with the intent of being that best site on the web where you have the freedom to be you, and to interact on a level that nearly everywhere else is frowned upon.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Ameririch has a lot to offer. Good financial news is hard to come by these days. Ameririch lets you the reader decide what’s news to you.

Some Questions About

Will Ameririch’s garish nouveau-honeybee design scare off potential readers? Are articles like ‘Small established café in Stony Plain’ really worth reading?