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American Eagle Wheel Corporation, with subsidiaries Eagle Alloys, MSR, Xtreme Wheels, VooDoo, and Boss Motorsports operates their corporate website at The corporation maintains two separate manufacturing plants in California and South Carolina. The company primarily focuses on the research and development of premier technologies and “counter pressure casting” technologies for the manufacture of designer auto and motorcycle wheels. All of the American Eagle brands are designed and manufactured in the United States, but are distributed throughout the entire world. Vistors to the site will find photos and videos of the product line, both on and off various vehicles for perspective. Visitors to are also asked to apply for employment if they like what they have seen on the site and would like to work for the corporation. A section of frequently asked questions covers many of the topics that most casual visitors might have. Answers to questions about finishes, and colors are common. How to care for the wheels, and questions about warranties are also covered.


Because the company is a design and manufacturing company, all of the sales of their wheels are made through various licensed distributors. Visitors to are directed to the factory distribution centers where highly trained employees are available to guide and counsel guests through their purchase decision. The site also includes links to various news and media of interest, full contact information via telephone, traditional mail, and email. Occasionally the company offers certain models from inventory as “special buys” which can be learned about only online, and then purchased through a distributorship.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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