KillerStartups – Airline Resource With Humor is not really associated with any airline company. The object was to provide some interesting stories about the airline industry, give a Doppler weather report for the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area, and give links to fly anywhere we wanted on the internet. The webmaster used to work for airlines and didn’t think the information he brought together at American Eagle Online Resources was available to his audience anywhere else except here at

The subtle humor used throughout the site has a tendency to make you quietly chuckle and the privacy policy is if you don’t want anyone to know then don’t tell. Makes sense to most but if that doesn’t work and you have a link that you would like to submit to this fun site then it has been made simple and easy with an online form submit.

Probably the most useful thing about this fun, regional site called, are the multitude of links that go to other places. The way is pointed by the “useless” yellow box and has airline web sites, airport web sites, travel services, unions and union organizations and ends with etc…. which are personal to the webmaster.

If you need to find a web site that has something to do with airlines and you don’t know where to start I would suggest that this web site has done a good job of gathering information and putting it to good use in this online resource page called American Eagle. Enjoy the cruise and laugh a bit while you are there.

Americaneagleairlines In The Web

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