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The website is a resource devoted to all things related to the Civil War. Visitors on are treated to a comprehensive, educational experience that presents many different facets of The United States Of America’s bloodiest war. Fought from 1861-1865, the war features many battles and important events. Studying this era in history can be a little overwhelming. Never before has there been such a handy resource to help make learning about these battles so fun and effortless. There are some fantastic featured indexes that list timelines, maps, summaries of events and other topics related to this period in history. On users also are treated to a long list of people who were involved in the fight to end slavery. This makes learning and remembering who did what easier than ever before. The site even features videos of specific documentaries in order to help visitors with their learning experience.


An astounding resource, has a little bit of everything. It presents the events in chronological order, making the educational experience enjoyable all while still improving the edification of every single visitor. There are monthly timelines that break the war down into small user-friendly segments. There are also books and other resources available directly on the site. Believe it or not, there is a merchandise center that sells toys and video games, not to mention flags from both sides and other collectables. A one-stop location for all things involving this epic battle between the North and the South, is a must visit resource for any avid historian.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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