– A Great Educational Opportunity

The website is a resource devoted to educating children on the fine arts. The program is aimed toward latter-day families and provides a private education with a Christian foundation. The curriculum helps parents teach their children the gospel and the spirit of God. At, users are able to gain an understanding for how the programs are run and the mission of American Heritage. The program is determined to teach children the difference between truth and error and how to achieve enlightenment in the world. On, the number one goal is to educate the hearts and minds of those children who are attending the school.

On, visitors can see how the organization’s traditions play a role in developing the culture and philosophy carried on in each celebration. Visitors to the site can read about the daily morning devotionals that are held in each classroom where students can read scripture and memorize poems together. There are all sorts of student presentations and the kids are rewarded for their hard work with great parties throughout the year. Parties are held where students can dress up and have a great time with each other. For those interested in learning more or having a particular question answered, you can contact a member of the school directly on the website and will give you an answer in a timely manner. The site allows users to understand how the school is run and what the main priorities are at American Heritage Schools. Children are the future of the world, and their education is a top priority at American Heritage.

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