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American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) in Las Vegas, Nevada primarily sells furniture manufactured in the United States and markets to customers via the website. The North American emphasis extends even to AFW’s shipping policy, in that the company only sells and ships to clients in America or Canada. Buyers can purchase furniture and complementary items to go anywhere in a home.


In the bedroom, for instance, standard products like beds, dressers and chests form part of the warehouse’s inventory, but so do vanities, benches and wooden wardrobe valet stands. In addition to selling lamps, the site also makes a number of lighting accessories available for purchase, like fitters, connectors, even light bulbs and a large selection of lamp shades. Other home accessories available from AFW include kitchenware for cooking, mirrors and shelving units for books or to display knick knacks.

According to the policies outlined on, customer satisfaction must be achieved with every sale; otherwise, customers have the option of a full refund or exchange. This applies even if a client, after receiving an item, finds that the color of it does not go well with the decor in a specific room. The warehouse will give the customer’s money back or work with the individual to select an accessory that more perfectly goes along with the color scheme of the home. For payment convenience, the company accepts major credit cards, as well as personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks. Another perk AFW offers customers is price matching, the process by which the business matches any lower prices offered by competitors.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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