– Saving for the Future is a Utah-based credit union that offers both individual and commercial savings, loans, and investment services. Accompanying most pages is a display with the relevant current rates, as well as member-rated evaluations. One handy utility available straight from the website is the ability to manage an account on-line or through a mobile device.

The investment services offers encompass and exceed the usual range – savings, checking, and investment options are all covered. They offer free checking as well as money market checking and savings. One can invest in CDs with competitive rates, or consult with an advisor for both long and short term investments. When dealing with stocks that change day to day, electronic management of investments is provided. Of direct help to this are offered market snapshots and market news information.

The business section of specializes in loans for personal and business vehicles, machinery, and commercial real estate. For the truly enterprising, a page is dedicated to business acquisition and franchise loans. An extremely handy service provided is integration with QuickBooks accounting software so that one can download account information, transfer funds, or reconcile transactions.

There are a wide range of insurance options as well, ranging from simple auto insurance to long-term care. Available over the phone are consultations regarding trusts and estate planning.

Also offered are articles, calculators, and other resources to aid in long-term planning; however, these are not limited to investments but also things like basic investment tips, paying for college by way of finding sources of financial aid, and asset allocation.

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