search cancel – A Great Christian Website is a great site that helps people learn about the Bible. It offers so many great things such as different versions of the Bible. They have that New International version, the Living Bible and the King James Version. This site also offers some really great features such as Christian radio, world news and audio Bibles.


One of the many great things about this website is that they offer Biblical tithing information to people who are new at tithing. They inform you on how much you should give your church from each paycheck. breaks this down and explained and percentages and numbers so that everyone can easily understand. There also articles by doctors of theology and pastors that can be accessed from the main page of the web site.

There also a lot of services offered at that many places do not offer. They provide new in all Christians alike with useful information such as world news, incredibly moving videos, television and Biblical phrases. No matter where you are in your walk this is one website it will help you. Whether you have been a Christian for a really long time or you are just starting this is definitely the website for you.

A great thing offered on this site is information on different Christian denominations, there is information on Baptist, protestant, Methodist and catholic beliefs. It provides useful information on evangelicalism and other methods of spreading the word of God. The radio station owned by is great and has incredible artists.

Amen In The Web

Author : Mery Fisher

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