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Breastfeeding mothers are managing a unique life experience and could use a backup network of knowledgeable help. This is what you find at as this company actually manufactures products for women who breast feed. Ameda has products in both personal grades and hospital grades; the personal grade style is to be used by one person exclusively. Individually used units come in simple small size and in more elaborate kits depending mostly on how seriously you are doing this kind of feeding or if you work. There is even a back pack set for mothers on the go.


If you need accessories for your gear has them. They have spare parts, nursing pads, nipple shields and flanges that will fit. They also have nipple flange adapters. Milk storage is equally important to the busy mother and bottles, plastic bags and more are sold from the web store at, a descendent of

Necessary items for breast care include breast shells for protecting the nipples and breast pads for preventing leak through, the breast pads sold here are even contoured for a better invisibility. If a woman has an especially terrible time with sore breasts Ameda offers a ComfortGel Hydrogel pad.

You will find a Mom’s community online at this website, lots of sisterly advice is available, there’s even a twitter feed for these women channeled to the community’s web page. Questions are answered, and articles on pumping milk supplies in addition to ones on actual breast feeding are posted around the web site as well.

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Author : Paul Barker

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