search cancel – Amec Will Excel At Anything is in the mineral, oil and gas industry. From its position as project manager, engineer or consultant to many it focuses on clean energy for preserving the environment. is the website for this company and it is an online mesa of information about the current projects and awards they have earned.


There are many locations worldwide, wherever you are there is an Amec office for you. Africa, Asia, Europe and Saudi Arabia have locations as do South America, North America and Australia. Chief officers hold the environment and the planet dear to their hearts. Managing operations like this requires advisory skills, leadership skills and a keen knowledge of natural resources. Each head staff member for Amec is introduced on with a mini biography and brief description of duties that pertain to Amec.

To carry out the jobs at hand there has to be a powerful work force and that is just what there is at Amec. Technical writers, engineers, programmers, editors and training specialists work together to build site-specific operation.

Where sustainability is an issue, sustainability reporting keeps everyone aware of the consequences and aware of any negligence in this department so that it can be remedies. The sustainable engineers at Amec use natural resources like wind, solar or biomass and algae biofuels to plan their strategies, thereby keeping everything sustainable.

Construction needs to be carried out in the same ways as other sustainable actions and the workers at this company can do this through their careful use of desirable construction techniques, quality control and adequate health and safety practices.

This company has had its hands in many important missions including mining projects, nuclear projects, hydro generators and the set up of phone systems in lesser developed countries. Its history is described on its website from the year 1848 until 2011 and includes all the details.

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Author : Paul Barker

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