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One might ask, what is a ‘CE’ system? Well, every time a customer interacts with their service provider they have an experience. Downloading programs, updating your computer, paying bills, or just simply watching TV are all customer experiences. Since provides the highest caliper ‘CE’ systems to date, ‘amdocs’ has to deal with over 2 billion experiences each day. They serve 100 percent of Fortune magazines Global 500 Quad Play Service Providers and 100 percent of the world’s top mobile providers. offers seven products for clients to use. Customer management is the first. Revenue Management and Operations Support are in place to provide clients a platform to manage expenses and manage the overall business. The Network Control helps clients control who, what, or view when people have come to their application. offers services to the Unified Foundation, cable and satellite providers, compact convergence, and local advertising services to help with their everyday business needs. All services offered run quickly on the network and have absolutely no lag time. The design is very simple to use as each program is listed one after the other. offers only the best within leadership for its customer experience programs.

The services they offer come only with the highest of expertise. The global team of consultants deliver the most comprehensive line of services that range from strategy, implementation of programs, ongoing managed programs and support to the services. employs over nineteen thousand people across 60 different countries.

Each employee is devoted to customer experience systems and the communication industry. While on average only 60 percent of IT projects actually succeed, Amdocs delivers on average 95 percent project milestones on time and on budget within the highest of quality. It is not only about the software Amdocs provides. It’s also about the accountability from start to finish and the low risk results. The website is as easy to navigate as an airplane on auto-pilot.

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Author : Bill Webb

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