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See also: Top FinTech Startups of 2023 is the Internet home page of American Medical Collection Agency. AMCA was created in 1977 to provide dedicated resources and expertise to health care companies around the nation. Their mission is to develop new and innovative approaches to assisting healthcare professionals with ongoing challenges they face at their firm and with continued growth. is considered the leader in providing quality debt recovery solutions to healthcare providers across the United States of America. They have established a record of excellence in fulfilling unique and expanding debt requirements of their clients. AMCA will help recover those unpaid medical bills! They are a member of ACA International and adhere specifically to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The collection agency, AMCAonline, allows hospitals and healthcare companies to get the money they are owed and become more cost effective, increase their internal productivity and streamline operations while maximizing profits. They offer a few different programs that allow clients to outsouce their internal billing statements, third party letters, pre-collect, contingency programs and other customized programs to fit their needs. They do charge fees for using their service but they are based on factors such as volume, age, average balance, billing procedures and bad debt ratio.

The employees of are trained in providing the best quality of service possible and actually achieving collection results. They even have a call center to be able to keep in touch with the patients and be able to take payments over the phone, online or by personal check. Patients can speak to a representative or talk with the Interactive Voice Response System 24 hours a day!