search cancel – A Convenient Way to Order Wine is a web address that redirects to, a website dedicated to the sale and enjoyment of fine food and wines. Both and are owned by and is produced by Geerlings & Wade, a leading direct-to-the-consumer winery based in Napa Valley, California.


Those who enjoy the finer things in life will find much to like about ambrosia. The site is an online store for wines of all vintages and types, with prices ranging from under $15 per bottle to $100 and up. goes into great detail regarding specific wines, providing ratings based on taste tests by their staff of experts as well as outside reviewers. There is a broad educational section on the site, allowing visitors to learn the language of wines, their proper storage, food pairings and how to taste it effectively. The site also encourages viewers to follow Ambrosia on Twitter and Facebook in order to meet other enthusiasts and talk about wine and everything around it. Ambrosia features a Wine Club that delivers two bottles of wine per month to subscribers at three different price and quality levels, along with a number of different gourmet food items that go well with wine. also offers various gift packs designed around holidays or other special occasions. All of their products are available for order through, or by calling their toll-free order line. The Ambrosia blog is frequently updated by experts in the field, discussing events and happenings in the world of viniculture, some fact-filled, others delivered with a whimsical touch.

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Author : Irene Davids

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