search cancel – Interior Landscaping with Ambius is the Internet home of a landscaping company by the name of Ambius. They hope to be the premier creator of ambience for businesses. They provide world class service experiences in their chosen markets of North America, Europe, South Africa and Asia Pacific. They mainly supply interior plants, holiday decorations, decorative wall art, replica plants and more! They sell not only to large companies but smaller ones as well. Their client list varies from small offices to large hotels and shopping centers. They provide and maintain even the smallest of things, such as a single planted desk bowl or even a huge palm tree. Ambius has design consultants that will work with the client on their every need and desire. They will discuss what is right for them and their available space. Team members are available for meet ups if contacted first. A list of branch locations can help a client be on their way!


The online catalog at is very thorough in making sure all their products are listed with pictures and descriptions. The prices are not listed, however, as they are customized for each client specifically based on many different factors. The design consultants will be sure to work with the client and make sure they are a hundred percent satisfied with how their business will be designed and the overall cost. does make around 13-17 visits per year or as required to be sure that the plans are looking lively, the artwork stands out, or the flowers brighten that reception desk. They are constantly putting the needs of their clients above all else and making sure everything is perfect.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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