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Relocating to, vacationing, and doing business in Belize is a whole lot easier through the use of the website Ambergriscaye is Belize’s largest island and is the place where most traveling there for the first time gravitates towards. shows and tells its visitors the story of the country and why it is a special place. The history of the nation is shared along with many pictures that further illustrate the beauty and charm of the area. is a very useful site, both those who are completely unfamiliar with Belize and also for those who want to learn more. It is very detailed and well-organized. There is an alphabetical listing of topics to select from so people can find the information they are specifically looking for. This website affords the opportunity to locate facts and details quickly which makes it extremely user-friendly.

There is a wide variety of topics on to select from. Website visitors can peruse through several articles and blogs having to do with Belize and view and post to various message boards through specified links. They can also learn what they need to know about boat charters, cruise ships, diving, golfing, fishing, and snorkeling. Every activity has its own link that directs visitors to important detailed information.

This website also spotlights restaurants, various lodging options, shopping possibilities, national parks, and tours. There are travel hints for those planning to vacation in Belize and information sources for those wanting to volunteer their time in Ambergris Caye or other parts of Belize. People wanting to plan their wedding in this nation are also able to access the information they seek . is a very all-inclusive site when it comes to the nation of Belize.

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Author : Liam Gray

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