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When you bank online or use the internet to manage your accounts, you want to make sure you are safe while doing so. ‘‘ loads very fast. It is encrypted for your safety. American Bank has been the leading online banking service for over fifteen years. AB of Waco and ANB merged in 1987 and created American Bank. Because it is and has been a locally owned bank, the employees who work for them are made up of locals from the community the institution resides in.


While banking online, the biggest worry most encounter is the security of their information. With ‘‘ your worries should be put to rest. When you log into the website you deal with a live person. They staff their organization at levels which in turn allows them to provide the customers with personal and prompt service. ‘‘ is often praised for the success rate at which customers get loans. Since it is a community bank they tend to listen more than the corporate financial institutions.

Since it is a financial institution ran from the community, they love to start small businesses and give out personal loans. ‘‘ provides all of these services through its website. The homepage is state of the art. If any press release is issued for security purposes or if they need to advise the customers of important information, a banner rolls down the page and displays a message.

Its quite nice to be informed of terms changes and things of the sort in that manner. ‘‘ is the best of the best. They have the most experienced and knowledgeable tellers around, and are the financial advisers for all of Central Texas.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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