– Not Really Amazon is not related to the Internet retailer It appears to have some connection to the Hong Kong Book Fair and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, since there is a Wikipedia article on the Book Fair cut and pasted into the site giving detail on the annual Fair. contains links to Amazon and has a paragraph providing basic information about that online service and its history.

There are also ways to connect with and on Visitors to the site can read a long article about how to find cheap books and there is also an online forum designed to bring book lovers together. However, this forum is lightly frequented and has not been updated since July of 2011. The Links section of is quite extensive, listing a number of online booksellers and e-book content providers. Given that is based in Australia, it’s not surprising to find information about a number of websites native to that country for the purchase of reading material as well as all things Australian. While has an amateurish feel, it does not appear to be a spam or malicious website. No popups or virus alerts appeared while checking out any page of this site. So the author and owner of the site seems to have good intentions, although there could be some question as to the legality and validity of the site, since they are using the Amazon name in the site title, quite possibly without permission.