– Amazon in Germany is in Germany as Toys, books, media downloads and the Kindle are all here. Lots of German boxed games, Monopoly, Uno, puzzles and a Labyrinth keep the game enthusiast satisfied even when on a budget. Barbie and many of her accessories are also available at

Cameras and their accessories plus all types of computer parts are in large supply. Brand names heard of around the world such as Logitech, Android, Western Digital or SanDisk are sold through the website

Telephones, iPods, software, including Adobe Photoshop or PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate and classics like Windows 7 are offered.

Perfumes for sale include Heidi Klum Summer Shine Eau de Toilette, Beyonce Pulse, Choppard and Joop. Cosmetics include L’oreal, Maybelline, IKOS and Khadi Pflanzenhaarfarbe hair coloring products. Also available is the Directions Hair Colour in shock shades like lilac, yellow, cerise or spring green.

Music is big in this country and all genres of it are nicely represented. The largest numbers of music titles are found in Dance and Electronic, Folk and Songwriter, Welt Music and Jazz, aside from the classic albums sold here. If you want to know the charts and bestsellers in music, this is listed on the website.

Nursery supplies for baby include jungle gyms, cribs, dressers and products from Disney Baby, Pampers and Baby Bjorn. Infant strollers, chairs and car seats are ready to purchase and swaddling for the baby in the form of darling pants and tops, even accessories for the baby like sunglasses are found at

If you are confused about currency values, this website offers a currency converter for your convenience. The currency converter will work with most currencies including the South African Rand, Swiss Franc, US or New Zealand Dollar or Danish Krone. You should place the order with your Visa or MasterCard to make use of this converter.

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