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AmazingTunes.comAre you into finding the newest undiscovered great music? If you are amazingtunes is a great place to look. Amazingtunes features new undiscovered musicians and their music.

As a user you can search for new music by picking a genre to listen to such as: pop, indie or dance, or by choosing an artist. When you go to the site you see the amazingtunes player with the genres along with the most recent category. When you choose a category you get a list of songs and artists. You can then choose a song and list you can go to the artists profile as well and add a comment about the song, rate the song or share it with a friend. There is also a list of tags that describe the some so you can find similar music. You can also add the song to your playlist of buy the song. Artists get a chance to get noticed and to build a fan base. You can create a profile and add you music so others can discover your talent. If a musician want to sell their albums amazingtunes only take 30% of the revenue. Amazingtunes is a fun place where music lovers and musicians can learn more about music and promote their talent. In Their Own Words

“Hearing a new song before anyone else. Being there at the beginning, before they were famous. Music is about discovery. amazingtunes is about showcasing the best unsigned artists and bands. Start exploring today and discover something new.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

amazingtunes has a nice set up. The player is easy to use. It is nice that there are a variety of ways to look for new music. The rating system is fun, it allows users to get more involved. There is a great deal of tags which is a useful tool for finding great music. There are so many musicians out there that there needs to be a place where they can share and sell their music.

Some Questions About

amazingtunes could add a couple more genre categories to the player besides dance, pop, and indie. Although you can find the other genres in the all button it is nice to see some more examples on the player. Amazingtunes could have a feature on a different popular artist each week or month. It would be a great way to promote the musicians.