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After Getting Fired From Fox, Darlene Lieblich Tipton Fought Back With Amazing Karma

Darlene Lieblich Tipton was a career woman. She worked in the entertainment industry in LA for more than 40 years, 25 of which were with Fox Cable Networks. However, her career came to a screeching halt in April of 2014, when Fox fired her from her position of VP of Broadcast Standards and Practices.


Her crime? She sent a personal email through her Fox email account suggesting that they might consider raising money for the families of the missing Malaysia Flight 370. For this, she lost her job and was escorted off the Fox lot by security.


Tipton sued Fox and the network settled out of court. Rather than sitting back and resting on her cash, Tipton has taken the money and created Amazing Karma, a unique new social network that focuses on rewarding people for good deeds — and punishing them for bad ones.




The site hasn’t launched yet but KillerStartups spoke with Tipton about what we can expect. She told us that the site is based on the idea of karma — or “what goes around, comes around” — but in a non-religious sense. Users can acknowledge acts of kindness, courtesy, and honesty by registering a Green Karma Card with the network. They can also expose acts of unkindness, discourtesy, and dishonesty with Red Karma Cards. Once a card has been registered, the user gets a Karma Point and everyone else who previously registered the same Karma Card gets a Point as well.


Those points can be redeemed for Karma Cash that can then be redeemed towards donations to registered charities or for gift cards.

“Good Karma comes from simply doing the right thing, which got me fired,” Tipton said. “With the Fox settlement, I can now develop into a positive experience for the greater good.”


And Darlene Tipton is a woman who gets things done: She’s a classically-trained pianist, gourmet cook, Ultralight Trike and Gyrocopter pilot, computer geek, five-time Chairman of the Daytime Emmy Awards, an award-winning independent movie producer, the owner of a pet waste removal company, and a five-time Jeopardy Champion. With a history like that, it’s hard to believe that her decision to turn the lemons that Fox served her with her walking papers won’t turn into some seriously delicious lemonade called Amazing Karma.


If you’re interested in being part of the Karma movement, head on over to and sign up now to be informed when the site officially launches.


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