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The website is a resource that prides itself on full service marketing and technology. The site works to encourage and inspire original thinking; it does this by grasping a deep understanding on how technology works and how it has changed the world. On, users can read about how the company has used consumer insight and expectations to create marketing that is successful and resonates with the public on a deeper level often not reached by other more superficial marketing campaigns. One of the most useful features on is the opportunity to see the work they have down. There are dozens of campaigns that have been launched by the marketing company, and users are given the chance to see them, read about each one and understand how this particular marketing strategy is working. Visitors can grasp the different strategies that have been invoked and see how they have impacted the market.


The site also provides news relative to the company and the industry in general. There is no need to go to another source in order to learn about the latest happenings within the industry. You can do it all with Amaze. There is also a direct line for contact on the website. If you have a question that you couldn’t find an answer to, don’t worry. You can easily reach a customer service rep who will answer you quickly. Marketing is changing just as fast as technology, and this company is determined to stay on the quick track to using the new resources available in order to better understand the public and what they want.

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