search cancel – A Science Hobbyist At Amasci is the Internet home page of a science hobbyist, Bill Beaty. He created this personal website in 1994 and focuses completely on his content rather than on the look of his site. His entire site is written in HTML by hand which he prefers. He feels it’s easier to edit and add more content to the site than if he did things differently. Amasci is a hobby of his where he talks of all things science and even used to answer questions any one would have but he got behind on answering them and has now began to direct people to other useful sites instead. His work is still available to be viewed of course and the site brings in over 50,000 hits per week. Beaty recommends many books such as “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” by R. Feynman and “The Fire from Within” by Carlos Castaneda if one is interested in having their minds warped. Science enthusiasts are welcome to check out Beaty’s bookstore where he lists books in all different types of science categories with a description and links to where they can be purchased.


The huge variety of content provided by Beaty at include fair ideas for children as well as projects, unusual phenomena reports, physics videos, animations, static electricity and more. He used to answer questions that would get emailed into and those answers can be found at his personal site as well. He has answered over 113 questions ranging from chemistry and physics to engineering, computer, earth sciences and zoology. He last answered these questions in 2000 on

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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