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The website is devoted to providing visitors with information on Bangla cultural entertainment. On, Bangladeshi community members who are living abroad are able to still take pride in many diverse and fantastic ethnic entertainment activities. The website is the premier provider of all Bangla cultural entertainment. It’s a comprehensive resource that educates each visitor on the Bangladeshi culture through all sorts of various literature, games and films.

The site features an astonishing and diverse amount of culture. Users are able to watch documentaries on various subjects that relate to Bangla entertainment, yet they can also switch it off and read articles from magazines. Among the many other things that are available on are recipes so that visitors can experience the rich cuisine of the country. Information on famous authors from the region is available as well. There are many great writers who have contributed lasting work to the world and visitors to the site can peruse these writers and easily locate them in a user-friendly list aimed at making the educational experience quick and easy. The website lists other contributors to the countries rich history as well, such as producers and special contributors to certain genres. There is no doubting the strong cultural traditions of the people in Bangladesh. This resource is devoted to informing its visitors about this rich history and deep cultural pride. For those who are looking to learn more about the country, or those who are abroad and feeling a little homesick, this is the place that will make home feel like it is right around the corner.

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