– Internal Medicine from Neprhology to Neurology at Amarillo Medical Specialists

When web surfing you will find the website for Amarillo Medical Specialists at, and at this website you will find a description of the services they offer. The physicians who own this website include those who specialize in internal care medicine who also practice in the Amarillo, Texas area. A full five of the doctors who make up this organization have even been recognzed by one publication as the “Texas Super Doctors” two times now, so you will take comfort in knowing this, too.

Practicing physicians for include kidney specialists, diabetes specialists, and endocrinology specialists. Each of these physicians also specialize in adult primary care. If you are using an insurance plan to help pay for the cost of services you may need a referral, but referrals are not required by the physicians themselves, they accept patients that call in on their own.

This private medical organization takes care of testing, in patient hospital care, outpatient care, laboratory work, ultrasound testing, and radiology that is performed in the doctors’ offices. Even more specilaized tests such as nuclear medicine imaging, bone densitometry or other diagnostic testing can be, and is performed, and some procedures may use new or investigational treatments.

Since these are internal medicine doctors you will be covered by a physician for problems relating to rheumatology, infectious diseases, pulmonary conditions, gynecology and those mentioned earlier, on each occasion that you secure an appointment.

Two locations in Amarillo, both on Coulter Street, house these doctors. On the website at, something else interesting can be found which is an area devoted to reading your blood test results and other lab work results. First, there is an overview. Following this are details about interpreting things such as proteins, blood fats, blood urea nitrogen or BUN and all the other medical terms relating to these tests that you might find to be highly worthwhile reading.

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