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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was founded during the American Revolution by such well known historical figures as John Adams and John Hancock. The charter was enacted in 1780 and sets as its primary goal the advancement of art and science in the public interest for the benefit of all. For over 230 years, the Academy has been providing these services to the entire world. Today, they operate a full service website at where visitors can learn the history of the organization and about its 4600 fellows and 600 foreign honorary members. They are most widely known among the general public as a brain trust, or think tank which publishes the quarterly intellectual journal, Daedalus. The group continues to focus on scientific and technical advances that are needed to anticipate and confront the changing needs of society as a whole.

Visitors to learn of the various members, including over 200 Nobel Prize recipients and 100 Pulitzer Prize winners, and the many areas of study and discipline that are currently being researched. The various projects include all areas of science, technology and security that are rapidly changing and affecting the global community. Also covered are the various social policy and particular government interactions being studied and also initiatives designed to help the public better understand the role of various humanities in the everyday lives of American citizens. Finally, also addresses the educational needs and progress of society at large, and how the organization is establishing programs for all levels of education from elementary to university levels.

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