search cancel – The Web’s Source of Motorcycle Rights is the home of American Motorcycle Association, a company dedicated to American motorcycle enthusiasts. The company caters to riders of all types, from those who enjoy riding off road to those who take their bikes to work every day. The freedom of the open road is what members of love. AMA was created in 1924 and is the world’s largest motorcycle organization. The organization advocates for motorcyclists rights and attend events all over the world in order to voice their opinions and protect the rights of their enthusiasts. advertises events across the globe which will interest any age and specific group of motorcyclists in their 3,000 plus event section. By joining their organization, members are offered exclusive deals which range from specially priced hotel stays, and a roadside assistance company that works around the clock to help customers in a jam. By becoming a member, riders are given the option to voice their opinion and to repeal acts made by their state senate’s, which could ban or outlaw their rights. Members also have a special shop that is reserved only for them, an email address or member number is required to even enter the online store. The American Motorcycle Association has given back to the community in many ways and strives to fight for the rights of riders countrywide. Their goal is to make riding safe and legal for all of their members, along with the motorcycle community at large.

The company accepts donations, endowments, and volunteers for their Ohio headquarters as well as their events. Each week they post new opportunities available for volunteers and accept any who are willing to work for their Hall of Fame events. is also an affiliate to FIM which is the world-wide motorbike company that has over 97 nations represented. Members of the AMA serve administration positions for several FIM commissions, and through FIM they are able to enroll riders in international competitive events. AMA-cycle is a wonderful, comprehensive website devoted to their members and should be visited by anyone who is interested in the motorcycle lifestyle.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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