– Find An Old Friend

The website is a resource devoted to bringing school and work friends together again. The site is devoted to creating reunions between friends who have not been in contact for some time. Visitors are encouraged to use the software to find their old buddies and reconnect. The website allows you to search via your geographic location. It will find schools in your area and then the site will get to work on making a reunion possible. At, all locations are a possibility. The site uses a massive database that stretches from The Caribbean to Europe. If you attended schools far from your current location then don’t sweat it. Just allow to get to work for you.

At, you can sign in with your Facebook account and it will keep your login information. Registration is very quick and painless and before you know it you will be searching out old companions that you have not seen in ages. There are satellite maps that show overhead shots of your location and will pinpoint schools in the area. There is nothing that can hide from the resources of Losing touch with a great childhood friend is all too common. It happens often and it is nobody’s fault. Yet, now there are resources that can bring old pals back together again. It’s time to rekindle that old friendship that was so strong back in the day. There is no hassle and the website does all the work for you. What more can you ask?

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