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The Alton schools of Alton, Illinois maintain a public website at The site is open for all visitors to learn about the schools and community of the little town immediately north of St. Louis. The eleven district schools are all represented on the site, and there are special links for each. Important dates are given prominent space in the center of the home page that remind visitors of things like the prom, graduation and the last day of school. Other features include news about enrollment and becoming a student mentor in the district. As a public school district, also, serves as the central point for notification of school board meetings, finance committee meetings, and similar business. The district is a member of the Family Web Access program that allows parents to login to the system and immediately view all posted grades for assignments, tests and finals. Report cards and interim reports are also available and easily accessed.


The website also provides students and parents with a full calendar for the entire school year. For persons wishing to donate or otherwise contribute money to the district, has links to the Alton Educational Foundation. All board policy is available to the public for viewing and download. A convenient link to Freedom of Information Act materials allows visitors to download and complete the FOIA for seeking all kinds of information about the public officials including salaries, expenses, and finance information, but also including any kind of communications between staff or administrators, or the school board.

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Author : Irene Davids

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