– is the Best News Site is a news site that offers visitors news on all the latest happenings all over the country. These headlines come from all different areas whether economy or media they have it all. They have articles on books and politics as well as human rights. allows frequent site visitors to have news delivered right to their email addresses.

Anywhere you look, two of the hottest topics are the economy and media and with yesterday being Occupy May Day everyone is talking about the Occupy movement one more time. is no different many of their economy headlines are about Occupy. One thing that does set them apart in this category though is their ability to make the articles easy for anyone to read. They don’t however make you feel less intelligent they just explain it without over doing it.

There is a lot of talk about all of the protests that took place yesterday and everywhere you look you basically get the same few articles. gives you articles that you haven’t read on other sites though. They dig for the real story and give that to their readers and they do this every day. Anytime you log onto their website you will find different stories than you have read before. does ask that if you can afford it to donate. They don’t charge anything for visiting their site. There is no membership it is completely free, but they do take donations. The reason they take them is because this website is free and they have to track down the stories which takes money.

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