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Have you ever though about a major event in history and wondered what life would be like if things had gone differently? For instance, what if the South had won the American Civil War, or what if the Y2K bug was as big of a disaster as some experts predicted? These are the types of questions tht fuel the debate and discussion at It is a forum designed for education buffs with a curious side, who are not afraid to ask questions and step outside the knowledge we traditionally accept as fact. Participants on Alternate History not only discuss ‘what if’ scenarios, but talk about rewriting the facts of time. For instance, some discussions center around how the major crises of the world could have been prevented, for example how the Holocaust could have been stopped.


One of the great aspects at is how knowledgeable members are about the actual events of our past. From the dark ages all the way through recent history, participants spark thought provoking, intelligent debate on a wide variety of historical events. It’s interesting to see the true facts peppered in to hypothetical scenarios, and the willing suspension of disbelief responders display in their responses. Other postings discuss advances in science and medicine, like game-changing vaccines and surgical procedeures. Some posters at Alternate History enjoy asking unanswered questions, and seeing what possible answers other community members can come up with. is not only an intellectual experience for history buffs, but a fun way to take a step back from reality and explore the world of possibilities in a ‘what if’ situation.

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Author : Bill Webb

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