search cancel – is the Best Place to Buy Instruments is the home of Alter Ego, a company that sells musical instruments. The company spent over 20 years perfecting the sound of their instruments. The site is owned by a man named Bill MacLeslie. is based in Rome, Italy and sells string instruments.


The string instruments made by alterego are incredible and have a very unique design. If you see one you will remember it for the rest of your life. They only sell acoustic equipment, but they do come with their very own soundboxes. The reason they use a soundbox on their equipment is because it is a natural amplifier, so you don’t have to buy any extra equipment for you instrument. makes the sound of the instruments incredible. They sound so much better than most products you buy from other stores. To find out what they sound like you can log onto the website and click on the sound link. They offer two ways to experience their unique sounds either through MP3 or through video. Either way you choose you will be very anxious to buy one of their products.

The products that provides customers are violins and violas. They also sell cellos and double basses. You may pay a bit more for these products, but they are worth it. With the design as great as it is and how well they work you will be glad that you bought one. They also make great Christmas gifts for family members and friends who play instruments.

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Author : Bill Webb

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