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The website is a resource devoted to the company Altec, which sells various electric utility, telecommunications and tree care equipment, among other things. The site is an aggregate of all things Altec. The products are explicitly laid out and explained, the services are presented easily for each user to understand and the customer support is top notch. At, visitors are able to sift through all of the products that are supplied. They can view new equipment, old equipment, rental items and merchandise. The website is a spectacular source for any consumer looking to purchase a new or old piece of equipment.


At, it is extremely easy for the visitor to learn about the history of the company, what it stands for and where it hopes to go in the future. Visitors are able to look at unit information and manuals as well as formulate shopping lists. Registration is very quick and painless, and once you are in the system, making purchases is almost effortless. One impressive aspect of is that users are free to search through the entire company supply of items. There is a full line of product listings, a tools and accessories catalogue free of charge that permits any visitor access to search through every single piece of equipment available. On, the customer is truly well taken care of. It’s easy to see right away, that customer care is important to the company, and it is something that they are good at. All this is evident by spending just a few minutes on the website.

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