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The founders of have built a cyber presence specifically focused on the independent research and development of alternative energy sources. The site chronicles the attempts by many researchers and independent science minded individuals to both invent and improve on current alternative energy solutions. Everyone is aware of the big five sources of energy, nuclear and coal, hydro and wind, and of course solar, but most people are blissfully unaware of other hidden, secret, or buried technology that could be used to generate power. In the pursuit of the possibilities, presents facts and tests to their guests, to help educate and enlighten people of the reality facing them by the anti-alternative energy crowd. They teach developers and hobbyist the pitfalls of dealing with people who offer to invest in exchange for control of the patents. They offer evidence that countless inventions have had their rights bought by wealth interests who have no intent of ever bringing the product to market.

Readers of will learn of patents being suppressed, and all forms of discovery being bought and disposed of. The site advocates the release of these patents to the public, and the full development and testing of them. The website features page after page of plans, schematics and things that anyone can build. There is even a “Hall of Fame” for home built projects that have been built replicating the work of the site owner, a certified electronics engineer. All of the author’s research and work is shared openly with the condition that it cannot be patented.

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